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What is Blackchip?

Blackchip is a collectible-focused DAO that aims to explore investment opportunities for 'blue-chip' assets both physical and digital. They encompass artwork, wine, whisky, memorabilia, classic cars and digital art (NFTs). Blackchip DAO aims to not only modernize access to these unique assets but also play a key role in their collection, management and global adoption.

Historically, collectibles have shown to increase value overtime due to their scarcity, rarity and demand. Most collectibles come with large price tags making it hard for many investors to own. However, Blackchip is on a mission to change that by modernizing the way people from around the world gain access these highly coveted real-world and digital collectibles. Through blockchain and Blackchip's unstoppable cross-border collective, these assets can be managed with complete transparency, verifiable proof of ownership and authenticity.

There's been an emergence of next generation investors funding crypto projects they feel can make a positive impact on the world and their lives. Blackchip DAO seeks to do just that, by bringing together Members from all over the world to purchase rare collectibles. The opportunity to be a part of an awesome collective that acquires 'blue-chip' collectibles from Banksy, Bored Ape Yacht Club, The MacallanFerrari and everything else in between is truly something special. This is where investors, collectors and enthusiasts intersect with Decentralized Finance (DeFi).


Blackchip aims to develop a strong position in these markets, bringing together the collective intelligence of a DAO, to the world of collectibles. Blackchip will give its Members the ability to develop and deploy collectible-focused investment strategies. 

Once Membership NFTs are purchased, Blackchip could expand in many directions. Members will have the right and ability to propose or vote on the purchase or sale of an asset, collaborations, brand partnerships, and updates to the smart contracts. The direction of Blackchip is completely up to the Members.


Additional details about Blackchip's Membership, operations, and structure are outlined in these FAQs. Please read them carefully before becoming a Member of Blackchip or purchasing Blackchip's Membership NFTs.

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