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What is Blackchip?

Blackchip is a collectible-focused DAO that aims to explore investment opportunities for 'blue-chip' assets both physical and digital. They encompass artwork, wine, whisky, memorabilia, classic cars and digital art (NFTs). These new forms of digital property are poised to play an increasing role in helping to create, monetize, and incentivize online digital content.

​NFTs are not interchangeable, and they thus introduce a new form of scarcity in the digital world. They can represent digital or real-world assets, providing verifiable proof of authenticity and ownership (assuming they are created by the original author or owner) using a blockchain network.

Recently, we've seen the emergence of next generation NFTs and platforms, expanding into digital art, land purchasing, and we're beginning to see NFTs intersect with trends in Decentralized Finance ("DeFi").

Flamingo aims to develop a strong foothold in this emerging ecosystem, bringing together the "hive mind" of a DAO to the world of NFTs. Flamingo will give its Members the ability to develop and deploy NFT-focused investment strategies. Purchasing NFTs with Ether or some other base digital assets pursuant to the terms outlined in these FAQs.

How does it work?

1. Purchase the Membership Card on OpenSea
2. Funds sit in Treasury until an asset is acquired
3. Proceeds distributed

Once purchased, Flamingo could evolve in a number of different directions. Members will have the right and ability to factionalize its NFT holdings. Any purchased NFTs can be lent, held, displayed in a digital art gallery, or used as collateral in other DeFi platforms. The direction is up to the Members.

More details about Flamingo's legal structure, operation, and funding process are outlined in these FAQs. Please read them carefully before applying or becoming a Member of Flamingo.

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