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Blackchip DAO, LLC (“We” or “Blackchip” ) seeks to be as diligent as possible in compiling and updating the information on its website. However, there is no guarantee of the correctness and completeness of the information provided here. Blackchip does not guarantee that this information is up to date and such information may qualify to change. You understand that the operations of Blackchip's business is a significantly risky venture and you acknowledge and assume the risk that Blackchip may not be able to complete, substantially or in part, the acquisition of collectibles or any other aspect of its operations and furthermore that a proportion of the funds generated by the Membership NFT drop are expected to be retained by Blackchip for any lawful business purpose. Your purchase of a Membership NFT could lead to the complete loss of your money, and no payments will be returned. Membership NFTs will be created and delivered to any purchaser at the sole risk of the purchaser. Purchaser has not relied on any representations or warranties made by Blackchip or any other person outside of the context of this Disclaimer, including but not limited to conversations of any kind, whether such statements are made through oral or electronic communication, social media post or website.


You acknowledge and agree that, Blackchip shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever to you or any other person for losses or damages of any kind, whether arising in contract, tort, or otherwise, arising from the sale of Membership NFTs to any person.


You should consult his or her own tax, financial, and legal advisors prior to making any investment in Blackchip. Nothing in these FAQs shall be considered to be tax, financial, or legal advice. For questions, please reach out to

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